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Our Story

 Believe it or not, if somebody had said to me that at some point in my life I would have tried to launch a little venture, I would have laughed out loud for many days. In fact, those who know me well are aware that it would be more likely for me to become a “snail trainer” than an entrepreneur.

            Coming from this ringing endorsement, it is not surprising that my walk within the business world has not been easy at all.
            In March 2017, I presented a report titled “The Empowerment of Indigenous Women in rural Mexico” at the Dragon’s Den Pitch at Oxford Brookes University. To my astonishment, I was awarded with two little seeds (Try It Awards and Rising Star) that allowed me to create a mini – catalogue.
            The fruit of this labour, “The Embroidery Project” was born with the aim to connect talented artisans in rural communities with consumers with a social conscious who are looking for an ethical gift for babies and toddlers.
            I must confess since then, I have done countless mistakes; I have shed some tears and I have asked almost daily if I was a bit mad.
            However, little by little, Miss Frida was created as innovative babywear lifestyle brand that combines chic and contemporary designs with centenary embroideries and techniques, as a result of our exclusives partnerships with indigenous communities. 
            Miss Frida´s journey has started in Mexico, and we would love you join us in our adventure to discover the richness of Latin American craftsmanship whilst dressing your little ones.